Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


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Leftovers (2009) - out of print, available on iTunes - CD

Carla's 4th CD, a collection of odd tracks and alternate versions of previously recorded songs, such as the electric twang Nashville version of "What If You Girlfriend was Gone," the rap version of "What If Your Butt Was Gone," and the fully produced version of "Boy Wonder."


01. What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone (twang version)
02. Boy Wonder (pop version)
03. Open the Car Door
04. If I Had the Copyright (Sound Effects Version)
05. We Don't Need a WalMart (feat. Bob Malone)
06. Snickers
07. W is Listening
08. If I Did It
09. The Nth Day of Xmas
10. Guardian Angel
11. Put It On the List

12. What If Your Butt Was Gone (feat. Mark Johnson)


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