Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


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Live at FuMPfest CD (LAFF) - live CD

Recorded live in concert at FuMPfest 2017, unedited. A very silly concert.

Mix of previously recorded songs and totally new stuff.

1) Introduction

2) Totally Average Woman 

3) Blues name 

4) If Mucus Were Money  

5) Latex allergy 

6) My Love 

7) What’s Great About Fasting

8) Dumb Parodies

9) Doctor’s Office

10) Stupefied

11) Last 10 pounds/ Miss Universe

12) Duet with a Klingon

13) Kid friendly?/ Eating healthy/ bad cook 

14) On the Commode Again 

15) Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends

16) Breakaway

17) Taking requests 

18) Toasted Chicken Sandwich/ Native Americans 

19) The Force 

20) What If Your Girlfriend/ Butt Was Gone

21) South Carolina/ New Jersey 

22) If I Had the Copyright (The F Word Song) (bleeped)