Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


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Professional Smart Aleck - live CD

Carla's 2nd CD: a live recording of Carla in concert on Dataw Island, SC. Humorous songs about dating, wedgies, Waffle House, growing up in South Carolina, and a couple songs about songs.


I Have To Kill You Now - A Name is a Name (My Name is Carla) - That's Alright Now Mama (instr.) - The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song) - The Wedgie - How to Build a Log Cabin (for dummies) - Toasted Chicken Sandwich - Candy and Gum - Corny Schlocky Sappy Songs - The Teachers of Clemson - Cascade - Would You Rather Be Paid - Therapy Works - What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone - Bonus track


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