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Her Fabulous Debut

It Reminds Me of You

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


Special thanks are due to Joe Giacoio, who convinced me to put the bridge back into the song, and Al C Smarr, who moved his ham radio antenna so we could record. He had connected it to a chain link fence and it was broadcasting through the electrical outlets in the studio. Oh, wait that was the first studio. We never used that version. Well, thanks anyway, Al. I actually recorded Her Fabulous Debut about 3 times before I was happy with it- in Atlanta, Nashville, and finally my home state of South Carolina. Which is why some of the songs, like this one, were written as far back as 1996. This one is in an open G-tuning. I was listening to a lot of David Wilcox at the time.


Television's been good to me
24-hour availability
I flip the channels and fill my head
All that talk and nothing is said
It reminds me of you

Credit cards are my best friends
If I only had a nickel for every dollar I spend
But the money's gone when the bills come in
Feels like a typical fair-weather friend
It reminds me of you

Chocolate is my best bet
I'll eat as much as I can get
Have to admit it hasn't failed me yet
For a moment of pleasure and days of regret
It reminds me of you

I like the things that taste too sweet
And shine too much and look too sleek
And seem too easy and move too fast
I always find the snake in the grass
But if I can't have what's good and true
I guess I'll take the substitute
I close my eyes I take the stuff
The problem is, there's never enough ...

Old faithful alcohol Turncoatingest of them all
A few good times I can barely recall
But I remember the endless withdrawal
It reminds me of you

I'm gonna go cold turkey again
Take a vacation from you my friend I'll be back ...
I don't know when
Maybe when I've forgotten again
To remind me of you