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Love Connection

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


True story about a guy I met in Hollywood, CA who was quite in love with himself. Except the show was not actually "Love Connection," but "Matchmaker" a more obscure and short-lived knockoff show. This song was also released on a 4-song cassette in 1997. There's a jazzy version of this song with some hot Nashville players backing me up somewhere out there on iTunes.


He was God's gift to women you can ask him yourself Little black books piling up on the shelf Long cool hair and a bad attitude Absolutely sure he was one hot dude Chorus: I was a little put off by our first meeting and our second and third with your frosty greeting But I was rewarded for all this rejection When I saw you get dumped on the Love Connection yeah 3am I was watchin' TV playing guitar drinkin' JD I was back from California feelin' down in the dumps But what I saw next pulled me outta my slump There they were three women three men I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you among them Competing for the prize a red hot date And fame among people who stay up real late well You stood real cocky and you flipped your hair waited for your chance to be put on the air You answered your questions and you thought you impressed But all the host had to say was "NEXT" CHORUS I shook my head in disbelief; why was I allowed to witness your defeat? I know I shouldn't revel in other people's harm Just for a moment I believed in Karma Well You didn't get the date with the dame But I hope you enjoyed your 5 seconds of fame Maybe they should call the show Love Disaster Now I am sure that the guests aren't actors So From this story I searched for a lesson I took a look at your self-expression I guess even total jerks have a need for affection All this I learned from the Love Connection Yeah