Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


Live From Outer Space

Let It Go

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


Parody of "Let it Snow" about trying to buy presents for someone who never likes anything they get.


well you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas

even with your 10-page wish list

that was 25 years ago

Let it go let it go let it go

it doesn't show signs of stopping

your disappointment with my shopping

before you get a lump of coal

let it go let it go let it go


when you finally act your age

we will all be so sure it's a sign

that the world's coming to an end

the 4 horsemen cannot be far behind


people are starving and dying

and folks in hell are frying

but your family didn't spend enough dough

Let it go let it go let it go