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The Force is the Force

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


Parody of the Mr Ed theme. About Star Wars. I was stuck on the last verse and watched all 6 movies in a row, then ended up writing a verse about stuff that I knew all along.


The Force is the Force of course of course

And no one can tell you about the force

Except of course a Jedi Knight

and most of them are dead


Go right to the source and ask the corpse

When is it fitting to use the force

I'd like of course to use the force

for purposes of good


People yaketty yak a lot

and waste your time of day

But ObiWan will never appear

unless he has something to say


It's too bad that Jedis cannot see

what others envision with ESP

Or else Luke Skywalker wouldn't have tried

To slip the tongue to his sister