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CD is at the duplication plant!


The new CD, The LOUD album, is at the duplication plant!
It's 10 tracks, all humorous songs. 6 parodies, 4 originals, recorded mostly in Nashville in the studio with the very talented and funny Steve Goodie at the board (engineering and contributing guitars, drums, bass, even some vocals here and there).

It's tons of fun and I think you're gonna love it!

Here's what's coming:

  1. Things That I Trust More Than You

  2. At the Dollar Store

  3. You Are the Salt (doowop sendup or "pastiche")

  4. Stupefied By Maladies Defying Diagnosis (parody)

  5. Fat Elvis (parody)

  6. Take Me Out to the Overpriced Ballgame (parody)

  7. Now and Later (parody)

  8. Stuck at 13 (parody)

  9. You Can't Sit Down in a Stormtrooper Costume

  10. Gluten-Free Diet (parody)


guitar tutorial: How to play "Please Do Something Stupid"


By request, I've created a video tutorial on how to play one of my most popular and enduring songs, "Please DO Something Stupid.'
The video is also a great primer for learning jazz chords!


New holiday song!


It's the Most Fattening Time of the Year! You know what I mean, and that's my new song parody,.

it's up on bandcamp for streaming or purchase right here:


New Song: The Peloton Song


ICYMI, there's been a big flap about the Peloton exercise bike commercial.

This already-fit looking woman gets an exercise bike for Christmas from her hubby.

And, well, some people think the blowback about the commercial is much ado about nothing.

Maybe it is. But this much I know: there are certain things you never buy as a gift unless your'e 100% certain the person wanted it.

Like acne medication. Or a vacuum cleaner. OR exercise gear.

Anyhow, here's the song I wrote about it!


CD update


Just had a great session with the immensely talented Bob Malone, who added keys to 4 songs.

We now have so much great talent on the recording, we have a problem- there's too much music happening on some of the songs! and all of it is great. I had to explain the phrase "embarrassment of riches" to my producer (He knew we had too much great stuff- he'd just never heard that turn of phrase).

So, we're gonna turn up the fiddle here and down there, more telecaster here, less there, banjo, 2nd guitar, dobro, keyboards, a veritable soup of amazing players all playing tasty stuff, but we have to make some choices.

I still don't have a release date set, because after making 7 of these things, i've learned everything takes longer and costs twice as much as you expected. I only needed to have one time where I held a CD release concert with no CDs on hand to learn my lesson!

Meanwhile, while you're waiting, here's a goofy video of an intentionally depressing birthday song:

And the latest guitar "how to" guitar video ("Hey There Delilah," a great first fingerpicking song):