Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck



Madam Opus Compilation CD of All Funny Women


I'm excited to be included on the compilation CD project "Madam Opus," which features all women doing all funny songs.

Here's my contribution to the project:

This album features songs by The Doubleclicks, Jessica Delfino, Carla Ulbrich, Reformed Whores, Meri Amber, and many more, including Lauren Mayer's song "The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song," the video for which has been viewed over 3 million times, and Carrie Dahlby's parody "Don't Talk About Size" which came in at #21 on Dr. Demento's year-end Funny 25 countdown of the most requested songs of the year. 


Where's Carla??


Not a lot coming up on the official calendar, but I've been keeping busy.

I'm teaching guitar lessons again (been doing that off and on for over 2 decades now (!!).

Doing a little songwriting, some comedy writing, and even creating a few word puzzle books. Yes, I'm a huge word nerd, as you've probably deduced if you've heard even one or two of my songs.

I've also invested far too much time and energy into being a member of my homeowner association board. I'll just sum that up thusly: Ugh.

And I spent most of the month of June hiding in the house from the grass pollen, shooting saline up my nose and googling "can you die from hay fever?"

I did have a fabulous time playing & hanging at FuMPfest (Funny Music project ) and managed to drop by the filk convention in New Jersey for song circles and chit chat.

I've got a few songs I hope to record in the next couple months, by request. One of them is about having massive allergies. Another is about fasting. Basically reflecting my glamorous, jet-setting life. I'll post something here (and elsewhere) once these songs are recorded and available for streaming/ purchase.


Songland Reunion Weekend!


2 Songland Shows in Connecticut on the Last weekend of January

Our circle of songwriter friends includes a small circle we've performed with numerous times over the years (and quite a bit back in the late 90s.

"Songland" was initially the Dan and Joe show: Dan Pelletier and Joe Giacoio.

There was a rotating third chair at many of the shows, which were billed as "Dan and Joe and sometimes Mo'e" (more).

The duo New Middle Class (married couple Mike and Barbara Borok) were "mo'e" so many times, the 3 acts decided to rename themselves "Songland." Just before the founding of "Songland," I (Carla) served as the next Moe, for a number of 4-act shows at venues that mostly no longer exist. 22 Below (NYC), One Station Plaza (Peekskill), Hillside Cafe (Nutley, NJ).

We spent many hours exchanging song lyrics over email (I was still living down South) and whenever I ventured up this way, we'd cram in as many shows. barbecues and song swaps as possible in my days in the area.

We all enjoy songs that mix humor and intelligence, and that make you think.

They remain among my favorite songwriters and human beings.

Especially that Joe guy...


Winner, Winfield Song Contest (Humorous Category)


We're going' to Winfield!

The Walnut Valley Festival (in Kansas) has been on my bucket list for a long time, and we had already decided to go when I learned that my song "Gotta Start Smokin' " was selected as one of the 2 winners for the Humorous category of the song contest there (You didn't think I'd win the prize in the "love songs" category, did you?).

I'll be playing that song (don't blink! You'll miss me!) Thursday morning (Sept. 15), as will the other Thursday winners (there is a set of winners playing on Thursday and a different set of song contest winners playing on Saturday- same contest, 2 winners in each category).



#5 artist, #6 song, and #9 album for March 2016!


Folk radio was very good to us in March!

I was the #5 artist, with the #6 song ("Totally Average Woman," a blues spoof & the title track from the CD) and the #9 album ("Totally Average Woman").

More on the March Folk DJ chart: