Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck



CD Reviewed in "Acoustic Live!"


Perhaps the northeast's funniest interpreter of human foibles has given us another gift...


CD is up on Amazon, iTunes, more


That "Totally Average Woman" is really getting around...

Find the new CD here:
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- 150 other places: "Totally Average Woman" will show up on Shazam, Rhapsody and 150+ digital services (if it hasn't already).



New Music Video: Dr Pepper


A while back, I was at a conference and the only thing to drink at lunch was Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. I just stared at the can, considering just going thirsty instead. Dr Pepper already has 23 flavors to begin with- now my tongue also has to process Diet, Cherry and Vanilla? And my kidneys- what are they going to make of this concoction? That's where the song was born. And now we have a video.

"Dr Pepper" features Tom Rockwell (mastermind of The Funny Music Project), Joe Giacoio (my other half!), and my spontaneously-recruited neighbors Todd, Olivia and Logan. And 24 cans of soda.


First Official Review of the CD is in!


Ulbrich is one lady who put a smile on this critic’s face without taking off her go-go boots. (Yeah, yeah, but look at the cover art, OK?) This reporter has said it before, but it bears repeating: Carla Ulbrich shouldn’t be taken any less seriously than other gals with guitars. Truth is Ulbrich is dead serious . . . about putting a smile on your face


Flashback: Carla on 7-Second Delay Jan 7, 2009


Someone mentioned the very fun show "7-Second Delay" with host Andy Breckman (very funny songwriter and producer of the fabulous TV show "Monk"). I had the pleasure of appearing on that show a while back. I just looked it up on line and it's still there in the archives!

For your listening pleasure (scroll down to Jan. 7, 2009):