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HEY! Want to be in my "man pants" music video?
Send a picture a short video of yourself wearing horrible pants gone wrong, meaning worn wayyy too low, with underwear showing.
Or wayyy too high. Or plaid, or bell-bottomed with the "keep on truckin'" pose.

You can be walking, attempting to scurry away, or just standing there looking goofy, as long as your pants are inappropriately high or low (and you're wearing underwear) or otherwise remarkable. And you don't have to be a man. You can be a woman, or a kid. Or anyone or anything wearing pants.

I will be taking pictures and video at fumpfest as well, so if you're coming to that, bring your kooky pants!

Your reward? A credit in the music video (and being part of something ridiculous).
Send your "pants" photo/ short video (and how you wish to be credited if your pants are included in the video) to:


Indiegogo Campaign a Huge Success!


Wow!The Indiegogo Comedy Music CD Pre-Sale has been a huge success!

We met the goal!

We met the stretch goal

We met the 2nd stretch goal!

Thank you so much, everybody!

This means there will be an even dozen fully-produced songs (with backing band) on the CD, and my first-ever real music video!

Because this campaign was fully funded, it is eligible for "InDemand" (extending the campaign, in a limited capacity).

It's too late to get your name in the liner notes or to get a "You Are Awesome" video, but you can still pre-order CDs postage-free (or a download) or buy a house concert.

What will I do with more funds? I have a really fun idea for a video "commercial" for the CD, and I have just the guy to help me pull it off. There's also the excellent option of making another music video. There is definitely more than one song that lends itself to a funny video on this CD.

Thanks again, friends, for making it possible to make a fabulously fun CD, and for all your words of support and encouragement.




New Comedy Music CD Pre-Sale Now Happening!


It's happening! The new comedy CD is coming!

Got a great band, great producer, and some really fun songs (if I do say so myself).

Totally Average Woman

Man Pants

Thank You Joe's Ex-Girlfriends

Goin' To China

Needless Dissection

Gotta Start Smokin'... and more (still making decisions on which songs will make the final cut).

Pre-order a copy, or buy some handwritten lyrics, or a guitar lesson- check out the page!


Carla Ulbrich and Amy Engelhardt Exclusive Interview


We sat down with award-winning journalist Brynne Whitney to talk about our upcoming online show...

Where is this double-bill online concert taking place?

CU: For us, in my dining room, most likely. Because that’s where the piano is. For everyone watching, just about anywhere on the planet-wherever you can get a connection to the internet!
Sun., Feb. 22, 8pm Eastern

About an hour, pay what you like, make comments/ requests in the chat room.


Other questions include:

How did you two meet?

Where was your oddest gig?

What's the newest song will you play in the show?

Bikinis or briefs?


Read the whole interview here!


Coming in 2015: New CD and Monthly Online Concerts


Happy New Year!
I know, I'm a little late with that. But my Christmas tree is still up, so it's all relative.

I dipped a toe into the "streaming concert world" in December, putting on a double bill with humorous songwriter and friend Todd Chappelle. We had a great time. It was a little informal, but kept a great pace and we definitely had synergy.
So I'm gonna put on a series of these, to introduce you all to some more of my funny friends who you maybe haven't heard.