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Post-Halloween and Vlogging


How was your Halloween? This year I wore a "pun costume." Joe started this with his "Phantom of the Oprah", "Felix the Cat Stevens," "The Playboy energizer bunny," and "gumbo" (Rambo + Gumby). A while back I was "Whoopie cushion Goldberg."

Here's this year's costume. Can you guess it? (answer is at the end of this post).

 My current pet project is my health. That's sort of an ongoing pet project, but, like my bottlecap collection, sometimes I just set it aside. I started a nutrition/detox program seven weeks ago and decided to keep myself on track by doing a vlog.


New assistant and new songs!


So many new and good things happening! I have an assistant now, Rachel, who is helping me get my emails out, my webpages more up to date, and creating my Facebook events. She makes this computery stuff look so easy. Either that or I make it seem so difficult. Either way, it leaves me time and brain space to write more songs, and that is more than fine with me!

Speaking of writing new songs, here is a list in case you want to make a request at any of my shows this fall:


Look For Me in Sharknado 2!


I hope you're having plenty of laughs and fun this summer. And I certainly hope you've avoided getting caught up in a Sharknado.

What?! OK there's no such thing as a sharknado, unless you count the movie "Sharknado," from the SyFy network (My Dad, an atmospheric physicist for 40+ years, finds the idea of a sharknado endlessly amusing.) It was released last year and was a surprise hit, so they made a sequel (Sharknado 2). Joe and I are background actors in it! Our "acting" mostly consisted of pretending it was a nice summer day when in fact it was 28 degrees and breezy with flurries in February.




This post is for all you Colbert Report fans. A couple weeks ago Stephen did a threatdown: all-bear edition, and demanded that Weird Al write a parody called "Manburger in Bearadise." Well, Al is a little busy, having just hit #1 on Billboard for the first time in his career. So I wrote the song. I got to sing a chorus to Stephen himself when I attended the Colbert Report taping last week.

Here's the song (please share with your Colbert-watching friends!).

You can also hear/ buy the song here:




The Newsroom


Cross something off my bucket list!
I've wanted to be a background actor ("extra") for a long time.

I got to be a background actor in The Newsroom (HBO, Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston). During filming break, Sam sat down RIGHT next to me! AAAAAAAGGGHHH! Awesome. Huge Law and Order fan. I spoke not a word, just basked in his amazingness. Extras aren't supposed to talk to "the talent." We're really mostly moving scenery.

Days being an extra are very long, like 10-12 hours. Thanks to actors' unions, they feed us (even us non-union people). But that doesn't stop them from having us wear fall clothing and coats when it's 84 degrees and sunny.