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Acoustic Guitar Project


I was invited to take part in the Acoustic Guitar Project, where each musician in one of 4 cities - in this case New York, but I guess they stretched New York out a bit to include Central Jersey- gets one week to write a song using only the guitar and Zoom unit that's being passed around. Once your week is up, you choose the next musician who gets the guitar and the assignment, should they choose to accept it, to write and record a song in a week on that guitar. I passed the guitar off to Arlon Bennett.

My contribution was "Totally Average Woman." I had actually already started that song before I got the guitar, but in the rules that was allowed, as long as it wasn't completely finished before getting the guitar. I wrote another song from start to finish that week on that guitar, about blowing my nose constantly, but I'm saving that one for just the right audience. Under the Acoustic Guitar Project agreement, I cannot re-release this song myself for a year, but you can hear it streaming here:


Greetings, my far-above-average friends!


Totally Average Woman. That's the name of the song I just contributed to The Acoustic Guitar Project. I feel so ordinary now that I'm not living in a van. I'm married, doing dishes, cooking, paying homeowners' Association fees, walking the dog. I figured if some guy were to write a blues song about me, it would come out like this:

The Acoustic Guitar Project is happening in several cities. Each artist gets the guitar for a week, and has to write and record the song in a week. Then they decide who gets the guitar next. "Totally Average Woman" was a song I had started already but hadn't finished. I did write another song during the week on the guitar, but it was about blowing my nose, and it just seemed too gross to submit to the project. Not too gross for you guys, though. I'll be sure and play it at every show.

 A little news tidbit courtesy of Kathy Criscola. For some reason this what-is-wrong-with-you news story about a man randomly giving people wedgies made her think of me:

And a new review of the book from a Crohn's/ IBS website called - get this- The Great Bowel Movement.


Book reviewed on "The Great Bowel Movement" website


I LOVE this name of this blog! :D

"Four hours ago, I sat down with the book “How can you NOT Laugh at a Time Like This: Reclaim Your Health with Humor, Creativity and Grit” written by Carla Ulbrich. The book was recommended to me in the middle of July, and I of course promptly ordered it on Amazon, however, it sat on bookshelf until this morning. I can’t explain what led me to this book, amongst the 27 others in line waiting to be read, but looking back, I feel like it may have been fate. Because, you see, this book was exactly what I needed at this moment in time."


read more:


"How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?" published in Thailand


Just got the word that "How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?" has been published in Thailand.

I wrote an extensively researched paper on Thailand (what I remember? It was formerly called Siam, and they have more than 18 kinds of bananas!) in 3rd grade. Foreshadowing or premonition?


Guest Appearance on Fill in the Blank


In case you missed it, here is my (and Joe and Easy's) short but silly appearance on my pal Grant Baciocco's "Fill In The Blank" radio show on January 6, where I'm playing the the flight attendant who taped a drunk passenger to his seat.