Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck



Where's Carla??

Not a lot coming up on the official calendar, but I've been keeping busy.

I'm teaching guitar lessons again (been doing that off and on for over 2 decades now (!!).

Doing a little songwriting, some comedy writing, and even creating a few word puzzle books. Yes, I'm a huge word nerd, as you've probably deduced if you've heard even one or two of my songs.

I've also invested far too much time and energy into being a member of my homeowner association board. I'll just sum that up thusly: Ugh.

And I spent most of the month of June hiding in the house from the grass pollen, shooting saline up my nose and googling "can you die from hay fever?"

I did have a fabulous time playing & hanging at FuMPfest (Funny Music project ) and managed to drop by the filk convention in New Jersey for song circles and chit chat.

I've got a few songs I hope to record in the next couple months, by request. One of them is about having massive allergies. Another is about fasting. Basically reflecting my glamorous, jet-setting life. I'll post something here (and elsewhere) once these songs are recorded and available for streaming/ purchase.