Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck



Winner, Winfield Song Contest (Humorous Category)

We're going' to Winfield!

The Walnut Valley Festival (in Kansas) has been on my bucket list for a long time, and we had already decided to go when I learned that my song "Gotta Start Smokin' " was selected as one of the 2 winners for the Humorous category of the song contest there (You didn't think I'd win the prize in the "love songs" category, did you?).

I'll be playing that song (don't blink! You'll miss me!) Thursday morning (Sept. 15), as will the other Thursday winners (there is a set of winners playing on Thursday and a different set of song contest winners playing on Saturday- same contest, 2 winners in each category).

I entered the song contest knowing that if I were chosen, it would help me make new friends (or enemies) faster and get invited (or disinvited) to campfires sooner. Usually it takes me  couple days to find my way around a new festival, and we'll only be there 4 days.  Plus, it took me this long to finally get my butt to Winfield. Who knows how long it'll take me to return? Gotta weed out the wierdos right away, so I can hang out with them. :)

Joe is coming along, too! We met at a folk festival, so even though we've never been to this one before, I expect it'll be like a homecoming. Plus, this is the home of the famous Fingerstyle guitar contest (and a bunch of other picking' contests). I'll sleep on the plane ride home...



Wow! Great festival! It's nicknamed "Pickers' Paradise" for a reason. So many great players hanging around. We attended the Fingerstyle guitar competition in its entirety (all 5 hours!) and a bunch of concerts (including standouts Tim O"Brien and the KBA Troublemakers), performed and listened at Stage 11 (songwriter stage), and played for Carp camp, then got to sit in the center and listen to the acoustic onslaught of fiddle tunes- a fantastic experience and honor not bestowed on everyone. Also caught up with some old friends- oh, and, of course performed my winning entry in the song contest concert on Thursday on stage 2.

... And was featured the next day on the front page of the county paper! :)