Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


Sick Humor

Little Brown Jug

Carla Ulbrich
lyrics Carla Ulbrich; music trad.


This was the first of the Sick Humor songs that I wrote. While I was re-learning the guitar from scratch (after the stroke), I played ukulele and baritone ukulele. The first songs in the uke book my friend Grant loaned me was "Little Brown Jug." I kept having to put the uke down and go pee. In a jug. Well, it was obvious.


My kidney function has been low
Some days I just don't have to go
Doctors have these tests they run
And there's one test that's lots of fun

Ha ha ha he he he
Little brown jug how I love thee
24 hours collecting my pee
In a little brown jug how I love thee

I tried to do as I was told
They said I had to keep it cold
In the fridge I didn't think
A friend would come and take a drink

Omigod she didn't see
That little brown jug is full of pee
What do I say? C'est la vie
Little brown jug how I love thee

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