Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


Sick Humor

Patient 2946065

Carla Ulbrich
lyrics: Carla Ulbrich; music: Tommy Tutone


Sadly, not one word of this is fiction. Except I have no friends named Jenny. Character voices by Randy Crenshaw.



Jenny Jenny I gotta tell you
This is the worst hospital I've ever been to 
They made a sticker with my number to wear on my clothes
Just like a piece of meat in the grocery store

If you don't have a number treatment will be denied 
Fine then I'll take a number
Patient 2946065  
Jenny Jenny tell someone for me 
Another blanket sure would me so happy
I couldn't open my food I was getting perturbed

I tried using my spork then my tray overturned 
Woke me at 3am it's time for an MRI 
Then time to draw some blood from
Patient 2946065
I got it I got I got it 
I'm just a number on the wall
I got it I got I got it
Just a number to whoever's on call
Here come a bunch of doctors There must be 8 or 9 
We need to see you walk please 
Patient 2946065