Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


Sick Humor

The Colon

Carla Ulbrich
lyrics Carla Ulbrich; music Paul Williams


I started this idea when a friend of mine and i were on "vacation" doing juice fasts and coffee enemas (her idea). I figured, why nto finish it for the album- there just weren't enough poop references already.


Stools exciting and new
You're surprised what comes out of you
So try a fast try some fiber too
Let it float It floats back to you

The colon
Soon will be making another run
The colon
Pushes out all the toxins under the sun

Set a course for the bathroom
Prepare to unzip your pants
And dropping turds won't hurt anymore
It's an open flow to a friendly bowl

It's stools
Climb on aboard it's stoo---ls