From the recording Please Do Something Stupid

People don't believe me when I say this is a love song. It is! I wrote it just a few days before we started recording "Her Fabulous Debut" and was just fooling around with it during warmups and everyone insisted we record it.


I could always find a reason why a man was not my styleHe was rude or crude or stupid or he didn't ever smile But you are kind and charming and the model of restraint You're just what I was looking for and that is my complaint
CHORUS: Won't you please do something stupid so I can get over you If you really cared about me it's the least that you would do The perfect man's not in my plans; I've got too much to do So won't you please do something stupid so I can get over you
At the dinner table you did not show me your scar You did not say you were in movies and I could be the star You didn't show up with your toothbrush expecting you could stayYou never asked how old I was or how much I weigh On the way to take me home your car did not run out of gas You did not stop to hock some loogies off the overpass CHORUS
It's always been so easy not to sweep me off my feet I was happy with my Irish Setter and my parakeet Do you have to be so handsome do you have to be so sweet I was sure I'd set my standards for someone that I would never meet I never date comedians because they never laugh Or anyone whose love letters are not at least a paragraph Or someone else's boyfriend Or anyone named Steve Or anyone in high school. but you are none of these