Carla Ulbrich is a clean guitar comic whose songs cover topics such as Waffle House, Klingons, CPAP machines, and missing butts.

A displaced Southerner, this South Carolinian now resides in New Jersey. Carla's 9 albums have been aired on numerous radio stations, including the BBC, Dr. Demento, SiriusXM Comedy Radio, and NPR's Morning Edition. She has performed in 34 states and 3 countries, in venues ranging from comedy clubs and festivals to the Kerrville Folk Festival to the Bluebird Cafe. She has also appeared as a musical guest on the TV shows "The Revolution" (ABC), "Homegrown Music" (WVIA TV), "Up All Night with Rhonda" (USA Network) and "The Other Side" (WGN). 

Her CPAP song is currently going viral on Facebook, with over 900,000 organic views.

Carla is a past winner of the South Florida Folk Festival Songwriter Competition, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Showcase, The Logan Awards (for excellence in comedy music), and The Just Plain Folk Awards (Best Novelty/ Comedy Album). 

A really good show. Her material is pretty remarkable. I find it thoughtful, funny, sensitive, kind of out in ‘left field,’-- like I used to find Steve Martin's humor... clever, a talented guitarist, and a stage presence that convinces audiences that the characters she sings about, she really cares about, or she knows something about them... the monologs between tunes really work tying the songs to universal (as well as unique) experiences audiences can identify.” ” - Carlos McCauley


"Carla is the nation’s funniest comedian singer songwriter. She is clever and unique in her style of fun and entertaining lyrics. Consider a mash-up of Weird Al, Minnie Pearl, Loretta Lynn, Rosanne Cash and Sheryl Crow. That thought only leads to the vision of a truly clever, one-of-a-kind artist that is Carla Ulbrich." ”

— Ruby Slippers, "Click Your Heels Together" DJ, KVMR

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photographer: Joe Giacoio