"Carla is the nation’s funniest comedian singer songwriter. She is clever and unique in her style of fun and entertaining lyrics. Consider a mash-up of Weird Al, Minnie Pearl, Loretta Lynn, Rosanne Cash and Sheryl Crow. That thought only leads to the vision of a truly clever, one-of-a-kind artist that is Carla Ulbrich." - Ruby Slippers, "Click Your Heels Together" DJ, KVMR

"The world of folk/country-comedy may be a niche genre, but for those who appreciate brilliant lyrical work, musicianship of the highest level, and authenticity radiating from each and every track, the work of Carla U is a bonafide hit and Twang is well worth the listen." - The Ark of Music

"Ms. U’s an insightful diversified songwriter. She knows how to lay it out like a good catered party. But at this party – Carla’s brought her own booze. Bottoms up." - John Alpice, Americana Highways

"this palette clearer can make you smile and cry but always provides a bumper against having to deal with the real world for a few minutes... there’s a lot going on here and it’s all good." -review of "Twang," - Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Carla U’s new LP Twang is sure to make audiences laugh, dance, and learn how not to take life too seriously." -Anna Lee Palmer, Music Mecca

"Yes, Carla's new album (The LOUD Album) is loud - laugh-out-loud funny, that is!"  -Dr Demento

"Longtime Carla U fans — and I’m one of ‘em — may wonder if she’ll ever lose her comedic edge. Maybe someday. But her new “LOUD Album” proves that’s not anytime soon." - Dave Aton, WRFG

"Carla U has a song in her heart, a sexy smirk on her face, and a shower curtain stuck between her buttcheeks. What more could you want from a gal with a guitar?" -Will Phoenix, HVY.com

"Carla's humor is erudite and charming, similar to a PBS special or an NPR acoustic concert." - Chuck Miller, Goldmine Magazine 

 "I love playing Carla’s music on my radio show, as well as for my own enjoyment, because she makes me realize that a little laughter goes a long way to curing the malaise that can be instilled in each of us in these difficult times. Her gift for finding humor has helped her recover and deal with {serious} health issues, and she is living proof that laughter IS the best medicine. Her new CD should be kept in close proximity and given a spin whenever you find yourself in need of a smile!" - Ron Olesko, WFDU, SingOut!

 "For the most part, as a satirist, Carla chooses to vocalize as someone resembling ... somebody's sharp-tongued Aunt Willa Mae who bakes biscuits to die for, but can spot B.S. in a heartbeat and shred it with a verbal shotgun... Our new social reality presents some real difficulties for singer/songwriters, but we'll need humor more than ever and Carla Ulbrich will be here to provide it." - Richard Cucarro, Acoustic Live!

"I LOVE Carla's songwriting- smart, funny, and insightful. I remember the first time I heard a song of hers on the radio- I was in a car crossing the George Washington Bridge- I asked everybody to shut up because I just HAD to know who that was. Every now and then I thank my lucky stars that I am beyond the age of jealousy. This was one of those times." - Christine Lavin

“Carla is cute as a button, hysterically funny and a phenomenal guitarist, possessing an original and lyrically creative folk repertoire.”

          Susan Moss - Broward Folk Club Newsletter

“A really good show. Her material is pretty remarkable. I find it thoughtful, funny, sensitive, kind of out in ‘left field,’-- like I used to find Steve Martin's humor... clever, a talented guitarist, and a stage presence that convinces audiences that the characters she sings about, she really cares about, or she knows something about them... the monologs between tunes really work tying the songs to universal (as well as unique) experiences audiences can identify.”

          Carlos MacCauley - WFIT

"... And therein lies Carla's charm: just under the caustic zingers that pepper her lyrics is genuine warmth and even a sense of optimism in spite of everything, delivered with some skillful guitar strumming at a toe-tapping pace. Maybe she's not such an anomaly in the folk world after all."

          Kim Lumpkin - Culture Cartel

“She is quite funny. I love her parody songs. She is a hoot!”

          Bernie - One Mixed Bag

"...her humor displays an edge that makes the listener laugh at first but then ruminate afterwards."

          Kevin McCarthy - Kevin and Maxine’s Celtic and Folk CD Reviews

“For a first-up did brilliant box office...she delivered a stonkingly good performance full of verve, wit and extraordinarily excellent guitar playing. Carla U, a name to book!”

          John Tellett, Director - The Tower Arts Centre (UK)


“Very talented, very funny, very personable, and an easy act to work with. We would be hard pressed to imagine anyone not enjoying a set from this young woman ... thoughtful and intelligent, sometimes clever observations about life are written in an often wry and humorous manner. They're placed over very strong melodies and guitar work that is recognized as some of the best in her genre"

          Seegar Swanson - Fiddler's Green, Atlanta

“Anything but ordinary. Immensely witty.”

          Metro Beat

"The wonderful thing about Carla's songs is that many of them portray truth about relationships, living, eating, etc. Fantastic!" - Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ



Totally Average Woman CD:

"Perhaps the northeast's funniest interpreter of human foibles has given us another gift. "Aunt Flow Rag" rendered me helpless with laughter... May this review be an unofficial declaration of Carla's status as way above average?" - Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live!


"Enter the delightfully twisted musical mind of Carla U through her new cd, Totally Average Woman.  Ha!  I detect nothing average about Carla’s high IQ songs.  Her sharp, well-tuned humor inspires a melody of chuckles, guffaws, oh’s, ah’s, aha’s, or oh no’s, and you might hold your belly-laugh until your stomach becomes flat.  The cd is composed of mini story songs.  The listener is actually in attendance of audio musical theater that artfully brings to life the poignant thoughts of the narrator and the lives of unique, yet common, characters."  - Mara Noelle, KVMR-FM


“Carla U's gift for turning a phrase is second to none. Her songs make you think, and they bring a smile to your face at the same time; and this South Carolinian doesn't just strum a guitar, she actually plays it. Very well...Think Nanci Griffith meets Ani Difranco -- but with an even keener sense of humor. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Carla calls this debut CD "Her Fabulous Debut" -- and it doesn't disappoint. Picking favorite song on this disc would be akin to picking a favorite child; these tunes stay with you to an almost to an annoying degree; they are extremely hummable, and you might find yourself banging your head against the shower wall trying to get them out of your brain. Consider yourself warned ... that is, if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of this disc.”

          Blake Guthrie - Southeast Performer


“Carla has her own spunky style and sings beautifully. 'What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone' is a masterpiece.”

          Dr. Demento - Demento Newsletter

"What I liked about this album is that Carla can sing and the music is catchy...

Based on this release I’m going to seek out Carla’s early albums. If they are anything like this one, I’m sure I’m in for a good time." - Steve Ramm, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer


Sick Humor CD:


“Carla U may be the funniest singer/songwriter working right now. This album made me laugh really hard, even on the second and third listens. Often bawdy, always hilarious.” - Festival Radio


"Carla U is more than a funny lady though; she is the embodiment of what was once the American Spirit. Despite facing great adversity in the form of major medical problems such as kidney failure and a debilitating stroke in 2002, Carla picked herself up, dusted herself off and got back on her rockin’ horse."

- Will Phoenix - The Examiner


"While comedic singer-songwriter and guitarist Carla U may be more at home in your crusty chronicler’s “Comedic Cuts” series, to not include her in “Girls Rock” might incorrectly imply that she should be taken less seriously than other gals with guitars.  Truth is Carla is dead serious . . . about putting a smile on your face...."

          Will Phoenix - The Examiner


“Carla is AWESOME! She was the highlight of our corporate event, and had our entire staff laughing with tears rolling down our cheeks. She performed for a group of medical professionals, and with her extensive background as a ‘professional’ patient, her hysterical songs and stories fit us perfectly. She's bubbly, outgoing and witty! With an emphatic YES, we would recommend Carla U for any occasion.”

          Champlain Valley Cardiovascular Associates


“Carla was fantastic. The entire process from booking to event completion was very easy. Carla was prompt, prepared and very entertaining. She managed to work into her act, specific information about us that made the performance much more personal. I would recommend Carla to anybody in need of professional, quality entertainment.”

          Aaron D. - Anritsu Instrument Co.


“What a Treat! Loved it!!!! Useful. Creative and Entertaining Great! Authentic! Perfect! This, Carla, was just wonderful -- so witty, funny, intelligent, thought provoking, heart warming, clever, funny. Extraordinarily incredible timing in her comedy. Just GREAT! I loved this. Carla, you are a poet and a philosopher and a comedienne. What a wonderfully talented woman. She made me laff and cry. A gift to us all. She's a WOW!!! From a "prednisone" colleague, she nailed it!! Great, enjoyed her. Wonderful, I loved Carla's wit and music! Fantastic Recovery! Great voice! Great Ending!”

          Conference Surveys - Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor


“Our event wouldn't have been nearly as successful without Carla. In the evaluations, numerous attendees wrote that they wanted Carla to come back again, and how they really wanted us to incorporate more humor into our events. We've also been getting emails saying that they loved hearing her story and the whole event made them feel inspired and empowered.”

          Allisa Laford, Intern, LFA Connecticut Chapter


“Our patients really loved Carla’s visit to our lupus support group. Not only did she share her story with us , but she brought with her music and laughter. So, not only did our group members feel understood and identified with her story, but they were uplifted at the same time.”


          Jessica Rowshandel, MSW - Director of Social Services, S.L.E. Lupus Foundation, NYC